Death Brings Forth Life

23 02 2007

WheatThe four seasons have always been interesting to watch and think about. God created the earth and the seasons and balanced them in his scales with time. He gave each season a certain number of days and then requires it to leave and allows another season to come into our lives.

Spring is by far my favorite season of all. watching all the plants and flowers awaken after their long winters nap just does something to the heart. But when we take a good look at the life cycle of the flowers and plants we come to the conclusion that all new life only comes after death. Read the rest of this entry »


Tearing The Toaster Apart

20 02 2007

Toaster InstructionsWhen I was a kid I was the type that had to take everything apart and figure out how it worked. I enjoyed this part of my childhood, but my mother did not. I was fascinated by how stuff works and I still am today.

This has carried over into my spiritual life, to some extent, until I found myself questioning the very inner workings of God. I realized, with a revelation from God, that understanding how God works is something I could search out for the rest of my days and just scratch the surface. Read the rest of this entry »

Let Me Grow

13 02 2007

Folded FlagOne of the best childhood memories I have was my Dad teaching me how to ride my bike. He would run behind me holding onto the seat to make sure I would not fall. I remember looking back to see if he was still there and he would tell me ‘I’m not going to let you fall’. I never can remember falling the whole time Dad was teaching me but I remember falling several times later on.

Our walk with God sometimes seems to take this same path. When we are young in the Lord we are care free and full of faith as long as we can feel His presence near us. He walks along beside us holding our hand, teaching us, and even correcting us from time to time. But there comes a time Read the rest of this entry »

Hardship by Helen Keller

11 02 2007

“A happy life consists not in the absence, but in the mastery of hardships.”
Helen Keller

Life is full of hardship and will always be. This quote by Helen Keller is full of wisdom in dealing with the trials that come your way. No it’s not a scripture, but we can learn much about life by reading other peoples ‘life book’.

Here she tells us that a life without hardships does not necesarilly make you happy. We should not seek a life free of hardship but we should work toward mastering, or handling, the hardships that come our way..

Accept the fact that trails and hardship will come your way, but how you react and deal with each situation determines the outcome of your life.

Psalms 9:9
The LORD also will be a refuge for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble

I Was Once Lost, But Now I Am Found

7 02 2007

This morning I was reading a story about a woman who got on a wrong bus and ended up lost in another country because she could not speak the language. She ended up a beggar on the street for 25 years until she finally got her message through and was reunited with her family. Check the story out.

 Wow! Hard to believe that could happen to someone until I remembered my life before I found my way home to God. I was lost and wandering around in life with no hope and no purpose until one day someone talked to me about Jesus and helped me find my way home.

 This story has the fingerprints of God all over it. Very encouraging.

‘Old Time’ Religion

6 02 2007

Old Timer KnifeWhen I was young I remember watching my grandpa sharpen his pocket knife. He had one of those Old Timer pocket knives and a stone he used to sharpen the knife. It was always interesting to me to watch as he would take the stone and spit on it before he would begin sharpening the knife. I guess he didn’t want to buy oil or thought spit worked just as well.

He would carefully slide the knife at an angle across the wet stone over and over again. Then he would flip the knife over and do the same thing to the other side of the blade. He was making sure to sharpen the blade evenly, this brought the blade to it’s sharpest point. Read the rest of this entry »

Time Capsule

2 02 2007

Pensacola SunsetA while back I taught a lesson on the time capsule of our life. The lesson showed how our very life is a time capsule with all the things that get put into our life. We often find these things later in life or forgot they were even there until we remember/discover them one day.

King David had this type of experience one day as he was running from Saul who wanted to kill him. He went to Ahimelech the priest in 1 Samuel 21 and there a time capsule was opened up in his life. Read the rest of this entry »