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29 11 2008

A few years ago I was at a youth lock-in and kids were walking around everywhere listening to portable mp3 players. I was sitting near a table where some older ministers were talking. I overheard one of the men say that he hated those iPods. His attitude was that they should be banned in public places.

The church should be trying to find out every way possible to get INTO those iPods instead of finding a way to ban them.

I just released a new product and a website. One of my goals is to provide products and services that empower the Church to spread the gospel over the Internet. Pod-casting has been my main focus thus far.

Pod casting is a powerful way to broadcast using the Internet. You can syndicate your own show in a matter of minutes and be “on the air” spreading the good news.

However, the Church is not using this new technology to it’s fullest extent yet. This could be partly because some ministers do not fully understand what podcasting is.

Podcasting is a ministry avenue within itself. With the click of a button you can deliver media content directly to mp3 players everywhere.

Could your church create a “Comedy Club” podcast or a “Youth Worship” pod cast that would end up on every iPod in your community? Think of it as owning your own radio station. The possibilities are endless, just use your imagination.

If you would like to start, or jump start a pod-cast ministry in your church, or even personally, we have a new tool that can help.

Church Podcast in a

Take a look!!!