Erecting a Milestone

25 02 2009

I went out jogging this morning, and decided to take a new route than I have before. This new route was simply going down the road I live on until it came to an end, then back to my house.

I jogged first, then I got in the car to see what the actual distance was. It was a little more than a mile, 1.1 to be exact. I was listening to Klove as I drove in the car, and heard a song on the radio that prompted a thought. The song was saying it was time for a milestone, time to begin again…

Along the pathway of our life there are times each of us have to stop and place a milestone for ourself. I looked up milestone at Wikipedia and here is a brief clip:

“Milestones were originally stone obelisks – made from granite, marble, or whatever local stone was available – and later concrete posts. They were widely used by Roman Empire road builders and were an important part of any Roman road network, in which when the distance travelled per day was only a few miles in some cases. The first Roman milestones appeared on the Appian way. At the centre of Rome, the “Golden Milestone” was erected to mark the metaphorical centre of the empire. This milestone has since been lost. The Golden Milestone inspired the Zero Milestone in Washington, D.C., intended as the point from which all road distances in the United States should be reckoned.”

Measuring in years I just erected milestone number 39, in my marriage I just placed milestone number 15, and other milestones have to be put in place each day to measure, and mark, where we are. These markers also mark where we have been. These milestones are there for others to see as they make their journey. To help them along their way.

Everywhere I turn I can see milestones, if I take a close look. I can see milestones of people I know, and also people I have never met. Each one should be looked on with reflection. What brought me here to this milestone? What direction do I go from here? Where do I want to go from here?

A couple years ago I was overweight, and out of shape. It was impossible for me to even think about running a mile, I could barely walk one. I remembered back to my younger years when I was in shape. I paused, and reflected, then I made a descision that day to place a new milestone to mark where I was at. I would use this milestone to measure my progress as I lost weight, and got back into shape.

I would look back at that milestone often to see how far I had traveled. One day that milestone was out of my sight. I had traveled far enough that it was just a memory to me now.

Today I placed a new milestone in my life. I paused and reflected back on what it was that brought me here, reflected about some previous milestones that I have placed, and thought about which direction I will go in my life from this milestone. I realized that I have ignored the importance of placeing milestones along the way in this life. Because it is when a milestone is placed that we can pause, rest, and plan for the new path that we are going to take in this life.

If we never go anywhere there is never a need for a milestone…