I Was Once Lost, But Now I Am Found

7 02 2007

This morning I was reading a story about a woman who got on a wrong bus and ended up lost in another country because she could not speak the language. She ended up a beggar on the street for 25 years until she finally got her message through and was reunited with her family. Check the story out.

 Wow! Hard to believe that could happen to someone until I remembered my life before I found my way home to God. I was lost and wandering around in life with no hope and no purpose until one day someone talked to me about Jesus and helped me find my way home.

 This story has the fingerprints of God all over it. Very encouraging.




One response

10 05 2008

I was reading this article about the woman lost and it reminded me of how when Jesus told the parable of the shepard that had 100 sheep and one was lost how that shepard searched for that one sheep until he found it……such a story of encouragement….never give up….God is in control so we just trust Him…..thanks for sharing this story…please check out another story on thedailylily.com they post some very thought provoking articles there too!

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