Build on The Rock

30 09 2008

A few weeks ago something devestated me in my spiritual life. I found myself, as it were, in the center of a spiritual hurricane.

After the storm passed I was looking around and it was then that I realized I had built some things that I knew I should not have built in my life. My life is built on that Solid Rock, which is Christ, but I had built some other things that I thought I needed. I thought I needed a little extra support in my spiritual house so i had built up that support. I built it all up without even thinking. I didn’t realize I had even built it until the storm came along and destroyed it all.

I stood there looking through the rubble and thought to myself ‘why did I build this. This is not of God’. I put some of my faith and trust in people, and when the people failed it hurt me.

But now that all the extra ‘stuff’ I built has been wiped away all I can see now is that solid foundation beneath. God has reminded me that the storm did not destroy me because my foundation was in Christ and that still stands. Now it is time to rebuild on that foundation. However this time it is God which will do the building not me.