‘Old Time’ Religion

6 02 2007

Old Timer KnifeWhen I was young I remember watching my grandpa sharpen his pocket knife. He had one of those Old Timer pocket knives and a stone he used to sharpen the knife. It was always interesting to me to watch as he would take the stone and spit on it before he would begin sharpening the knife. I guess he didn’t want to buy oil or thought spit worked just as well.

He would carefully slide the knife at an angle across the wet stone over and over again. Then he would flip the knife over and do the same thing to the other side of the blade. He was making sure to sharpen the blade evenly, this brought the blade to it’s sharpest point.

There is a point in sharpening a knife where you want to stop. If you go too far you can make the edges uneven. If he only sharpened one side of the blade then the knife would not perform as well. But when he finished sharpening his knife it was the sharpest knife around, at least that is the way I seen it as a child.

We must pace our life and balance things in our life in order to keep ourselves the best possible shape. An athlete stays in the best shape by frequently working out and eating right. This is there sharpening process and the must do it regularly.

Spiritually I have seen the same thing happen in my life. As long as I am reading the word of God and praying, my spiritual life will stay in shape and I will perform better spiritually. When I stop doing these things on a regular basis I find it hard to walk by faith and hard to pray.

I believe the problem most struggling Christians have is because they are not reading their Bibles and praying on a regular basis. This not only makes it hard to walk by faith but it makes it hard to get back on track.

CrossWalk.com has this to say about bible reading:
“Statistics show that most people professing faith in Christ have never completely read their Bible. Many people start reading but then become overwhelmed by the number of chapters (1189) and verses (31,102) they will be reading. However, it can be accomplished by reading less than four chapters a day. “

A while back we bought a new can opener because our old one was making a horrible screeching sound. My wife picked up a new one and I was the lucky one who got to install it. It was an under the cabinet mount type which meant I had to drill holes and actually work.

One thing the new opener had was a built in knife sharpener. I liked that feature and was eager to try it out. I was on a diet and was cooking a lot which required cutting up vegetables and other things. I had mentioned to my wife a few times that professional chefs make cutting look very easy because I found it hard to cut quickly and smoothly.

Little did I realize at the time but my problem was the knives I was using, they had not been sharpened in a long time. One of the first things I did was get all the knives out and run them through the sharpener. I was like a little kid with a new toy. I would sharpen a knife and then try it out to see if it was easier to cut with. I had to run the knives through several times because they were so dull. Eventually I got them sharp and realized it was a lot easier to cut with them. No this didn’t turn me into a gourmet chef but it did teach me a good lesson. My spiritual life needs to stay in shape or it get hard to function properly.

Well Grandpa’s ole timer knife actually taught me that lesson long ago I just failed to learn the first time. Isn’t it good to know that we serve a God who is patient with us and willing to take the extra time to make sure we learn the important lessons in life. These lessons are most often right in front of us and God has been teaching them to us repeatedly until we finally see it and hear Him speak to us.




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