David & Goliath – Remembering the Past to Build a Future

23 04 2006

While David ran for his life from King Saul he found something that brought back sweet memories of a victory he might have fogotten about. A giant he had defeated in his life years before. God brought him to the place where he remembered the victory when he needed strength in his current trial.

I Samuel 21:9
I Samuel 22:10

Another interesting point about this story that I have thought of is the soldiers who would not face the giant. Trained professional soldiers would hide when the giant came out onto the battlefield.

As I look at my life and reflect I can see me being more in this group than being the David of the hour. Most of us would fit into group of soldiers but we should all strive to become like David and come out from behind our fear and hiding.

We all want to look at David as an example of how we should live for God, fearless and full of faith in God. But the soldiers show us the other side that so many of us fit into. The fearful and those with little faith.

God is looking for a generation that will stand up when everyone else is hiding out. A generation that will stand up to the giant and come out from their hiding. Think back today of the things God has done in your life and grab a hold of a past victory. Use that past victory, like David used the sword of Goliath, to help you fight the battle today.


If God Can Use a Donkey

21 04 2006

If God Can use a Donkey he can use me:

Numbers 22:21-30
2 Peter 2:16