Death Brings Forth Life

23 02 2007

WheatThe four seasons have always been interesting to watch and think about. God created the earth and the seasons and balanced them in his scales with time. He gave each season a certain number of days and then requires it to leave and allows another season to come into our lives.

Spring is by far my favorite season of all. watching all the plants and flowers awaken after their long winters nap just does something to the heart. But when we take a good look at the life cycle of the flowers and plants we come to the conclusion that all new life only comes after death.

As a stalk of wheat grows it produces many more seeds. Some of these new seeds will be used for food and consumed while others will be planted in the next season to grow more wheat. However these seeds cannot grow into a new plant immediately after they are grown, because God chose to require the seeds to die first. The seed must first go through a season and a process before it can begin to grow again. However when it starts to grow this time the seed does more than grow into a bigger seed, it begins the cycle all over again and grows into a new wheat stalk.

Jesus teaches us in John chapter 12 this very same lesson as he says the kernel of wheat must fall to the ground and die or it will be the only grain of wheat left. No more wheat would be produced if this seed never dies. The entire cycle would stop and no more wheat would be grown.

Jesus used this illustration as a way of telling his followers he was about to die. He knew the time was near for his crucifixion and he was preparing his followers, however they did not really understand that he was about to die. He wanted them to know that unless he died, new life would never come to them. Before they could have their sins washed away and enjoy the abundant new life that Jesus had taught them about He, as the seed, had to fall to the ground and die. Then through his death new life would come.

Spring is such a beautiful time of year with all the new life blooming around us. But we must remember that before new life can come there has to be death. Because it is only death that brings forth life.

John 12:20-26 – Listen to chapter 12 with Real Player – Read on
 24 Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a kernel of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.



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19 03 2007

Ouch. What a painfully, joyful truth! We had a debriefing the other day and the topic was dying to our flesh. One of the guys mentioned how he wished he could die faster! Sometimes the winter seasons in our life last longer than we’d like them to 🙂 But new life always comes forth. Great article.

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