Take Time for God

21 10 2006

I had a dream last night that I was with my family for some type of gathering. I think it was Christmas. We were sitting around and someone was making the comment that they wanted to serve God but could not because it was too hard.

In the dream it seemed like God used me to speak to them. I began to talk and everyones attention turned to me. The message was this.

“The biggest problem we have today is that we do not spend time with God. We spend time with our family’s, although that is not much anymore either. We spend time doing things we want to do, but our time spent with God is very little if at all.”

After I spoke I was somewhere by myself and I just became convicted of what I had said to them. I realized that my life too was full of all other kinds of activities and I do not make enough time to spend with God. I began to cry out to God in my conviction and I woke up with the same heavy heart.

In our day and time God truly is calling people everywhere to spend more time in prayer, more time reading his word, and more time thinking on the things of God.

To have a health body they teach us that we need to exercise on a regular basis, several times a week. Maybe for us to have a healthy spiritual life we need to exercise it in prayer and in reading Gods word.

I got my wakeup call last night, have you gotten yours?