Microburst: Foolish is Not Wise and Wise is Not Foolish

28 05 2009

This is the first Microburst from www.BuildYourHouseOnTheRock.com

Many Proverbs will show a contrast between two thoughts or two principles. For example they will describe to you black and then tell you what the opposite is, i.e. white. From looking at these contrasts we can begin to define certain terms or principles in greater detail. For my studies in Proverbs I want to gain a clearer definition of what a fool looks like and what a wise person looks like. Not physically but spiritually. I can see from Proverbs 28:26 that a person who trusts in their own heart or their own understanding is a fool. So from this I can also add another definition to my dictionary of wisdom. A wise person is someone who puts no trust in their own understanding. This person would know that their own understanding can fail them or even be wrong at times. Therefore a person who strives to be wise must not lean on their understanding rather they should trust in God for He is the Author of Life.

– – – The End – – –

I am adding a new category to Build Your House on The Rock. I am calling it Microburst. There are times when I read something and get a simple thought that I want to remember. I usually write these down but I have also lost thoughts by doing this. So, I am going to try something new with Build Your House on The Rock. I will call this Microbursting for lack of a better word. These will not replace regular articles, they will be in addition to them. They will be quick short thoughts. My intentions with these are not to always be accurate or even eloquent. Just to put thoughts down in writing. Please comment or even expand on these posts. Feel free to even correct me if I am flat out wrong about something because this is how we all learn. I also cannot promise that all of these will make sense to you. Some of these thoughts may only make real sense to me.

If you would like to use this article on your website, blog, or in another form you may do so as long as you include the text below:

Microburst: Foolish is Not Wise and Wise is Not Foolish
By: Raymond Brady

Article Source: www.BuildYourHouseOnTheRock.org




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