How to Plow in Cold Weather – Part 2

14 03 2009

Proverbs 14:4 (The Message)

No cattle, no crops; a good harvest requires a strong ox for the plow.

King Solomon is telling us that without a strong ox to help us work the farm there will not be a good harvest.

In many ways we are blessed in our day by the advancement of technology. Where people used to depend on animals to do heavy labor we now depend on machines. This fact shows us that when we are reading the scriptures that we cannot always take the literal word-for-word meaning to heart. If that were the case then this Proverb is false.

I am not really a farmer even though I worked on a farm when I was young. However, judging by the massive fields I have seen in my travels around the central United States I feel safe to say that our generation is bringing in bumper crops compared to the ages before us. All of this is happening without any oxen or cattle to pull a plow.

Cattle in this proverb is looked upon as a tool. An ox was a very valuable tool to the farmer because it gave him the ability to do more work than one person could ever do by himself. Try getting a shovel and hand plowing even just a small patch of ground. You will quickly be looking for a better way of breaking up the ground.

Can we look at this Proverb in a spiritual point of view? You bet. Jesus talked about the different types of ground in a persons heart.

1. Some fell on the road

2. Some fell among the rocks

3. Some fell among the weeds

4. Some fell on good ground

We know that the good ground got in the “good” shape it was in because the farmer plowed the ground ahead of time. The diligent farmer is always watching his fields to make sure they are in good shape.

I have seen fields that have been completly ignored for a long time. They were overgrown with weeds to the point where nothing good would grow in that field. This type of field needs much work before it can grow a good crop.

What is the state of your “ground”? Have you been working your ground to keep it in “good” shape?

When we work the field of our life we have to work smart. Going out by ourself with shovel in hand to till the gound will wear us out very quickly. We need to learn some valuable lessons from the good farmer here.

1. What tools can you use to work your ground into good shape?

2. There are 4 seasons. Each one requires us to work in differnet ways. Plowing, Planting, Nurturing, and Harvesting. What season is your life in?

3. The four grounds are: Hard Packed, Rocky, Full of Weeds, and Good for growing. What shape is your ground right now?