Losing 20 Pounds by Valentines

2 01 2009

I don’t make new years resolutions, I never really have. This year is no exception. But, I have started what many will call a new years resolution. A diet. I could have started in December but I wanted to begin on the first of the month. So, Jan 1 was it.

 I have struggled with weight every since I was young. The fact that my grandpa’s nickname for me was Chub reminds me of this often. When I started in high school I was really challenged because I was embarrassed. I exercised a lot, joined baseball, and joined football. This helped me shape up during my high school years, but a few years after high school I got married and slowly put the weight back on.

A couple of years ago I was trying to get on Christian Care Medi-Share and had to lose some weight in order to keep my coverage. They have an awesome program for helping members lose weight and keep it off. I lost about 50 pounds and got down to 198.

I found out around this same time that I had thyroid problems and had to start taking medication. During the first year of medication I gained back about 20 pounds. Finally this last year I got my medication sorted out, and was finally able to keep my weight steady.

Now I want to lose those 20 pounds and get back under 200. My goal is 198 or less.

On the medi-share program you have a tracking chart that helps you keep up with everything. I am doing that again, but I wanted to add a blog this time as well. Just for fun I am blogging my weight, eating, drinking, and measurements until Valentines day 2009.

If you are interested to see my progress you can visit my Dump 20 Pounds by Valentines blog at http://dump20pounds.blogspot.com/

God Bless and Happy New Year