As A Little Child

30 01 2007

The other day when I cam home from work my oldest daughter came to me and said her day at school was horrible. I was concerned and asked her what happened. She began telling me about a boy in her class named Brandon. She had mentioned him before on other occasions but this time my heart was touched with compassion for this boy.

During lunch that day there were three girls who were laughing and making fun of Brandon because he had prayed for his food. My daughter felt sorry for him and it had made an impact on her that day.

A couple of the girls were friends of my daughters so she confronted them about it and told them that what they did was wrong. I have had several occasions to talk to my daughter about choosing her friends wisely and I began to talk to her again about the issue. I told her that God had put her in a unique place and she could be an encouragement to Brandon.

In the United States today prayer organized by school officials is not permitted but our school does allow the children a moment of silence each morning. My daughter has used this time to pray for her friends and people in need. I have also prayed for God’s blessing on our children at school. But after this story I have seen up close and personal the heart of a child that desires to reach out to God and it has blessed me. I now feel that I have a responsibility to pray for the Brandon’s of our world and help my children to stand up for God and be an encouragement to others.

Let us come as a little child in prayer despite what others around us think or say. People today put too much stock in what other people think about them, myself included. I believe God is calling his people to stand up everywhere and be counted as a Christian who is not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Let our attitude be as Brandon and pray everywhere despite what others might think about us.




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