Ready and Willing to Respond.

28 01 2007

EMSThe other day I was at my sisters house visiting and while I was there we were listening to her medical radio. She is a paramedic and works for our local hospital on the ambulance service. Sometimes when she is not on duty she is on backup call and has to respond if the primary shift is working on an emergency call.

I have been around her several times when she is on call and there has been times when she would simply drop everything she was doing and take off running out the door. She has left many of her meals sitting on the table in order to respond to an emergency where someone was hurt and in need of medical attention.

It is interesting to watch her listening to the radio. Sometimes I cannot even tell what the people are saying but she can pick out every word clearly and she is keenly in tune to what is going on. When she sleeps while on call the radio is right by her bedside and she sleeps ready to respond at a moments notice.

I am thankful to God for the many times when I was in need of emergency attention and someone was on call ready at a moments notice to pray for me. In our day and time God is looking for more men and women to become prayer warriors which are on call 24 hours a day ready to respond when a need arises.

I have heard testimonies of people who have felt the need to pray only to find out later that something tragic was happening at that time. As my sister is in tune with her radio and ready to respond at a moments notice so let the church be in tune with Christ and be ready to respond when his spirit calls on us.

It was such a saint of God that was on call and listening to Gods voice one day when God told him to go to the street called straight and find Saul of Tarsus. The saint questioned God since Saul had persecuted the church but in the end he was on his way responding to the call of God. Saul was converted and later became known as Paul. By the had of Paul God did great works and miracles all because someone was on call and ready to respond when God called.

Do you hear the call today? God is looking for someone who will prepare themselves and listen for his calling that he might reach a lost and dying world. All He needs is you to be willing and ready to respond.




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