One Hundred Eighty Three Thousand Miles

26 01 2007

RoadA while back I was working on an outdoor wireless network we have at work and had to use our bucket truck to get up to where our antenna was mounted. The bucket truck is just like the ones the electric company uses to work on electrical lines or the telephone company uses.

I had used the truck several times before but this day the engine had died and I had to call the mechanic to come get it started again. He asked me to get the owners manual out and see what year model the truck was. I found the manual and told him the truck was a 1993 model. I thought for a second about that year and began remembering what had occurred in my life in 1993.

That year in my life was very memorable and several major events happened in my life so my mind began to drift back to that year while I waited for the mechanic to get the truck running.

It was 1993 that I married my wife and we started our married life together. But the events that brought us to that summers day in 1993 were what made that year so memorable. Those events I will save for another day and other posts but this day I had now been married for 12 years and we had 3 children together.

Our marriage had been wonderful but the last few years had been rough because of financial trouble we were having due to a business I had started several years earlier. The business was struggling financially and I was working another job just to make ends meet. All this put allot of stress on our marriage and our family.

Through much prayer God had provided me a job opportunity and financially things were getting better. I was only working one job now and had more time to spend with my wife and family. All these memories were going through my mind as I remembered how it all started in 1993.

Soon the mechanic had the truck running and I was in the drivers seat reeving the engine as he would give the thumbs up. While sitting there I looked down and seen the truck now had 183,000 miles on it. I thought this old truck has seen allot of miles but it is still a good ole truck and just needed a little work to get it going again.

How many times do we drive our marriages and relationships without every realizing the miles we have put behind us. We drive until something breaks and then we frantically call for the mechanic to help get us out of the jam and get us back on the road.

I realized that day that our marriage had been successful but at the same time there had been allot of water flow under the ole bridge, allot of pavement under our wheels. The truck was still a good old truck and still had lots of mile left and would still be very useful to us at work but it was probably going to require more frequent attention to keep it on the road.

Let us realize our marriages do not just run forever without any maintenance. We must take time to keep this in proper order and in good running condition. But when we do have a problem let us call the Master Mechanic and he will be able to get us back on the road and help mend our relationships.




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