Do Something Instead of Nothing

26 01 2007

TreadmillIn the last few months I have been loosing weight. I have changed my diet to include healthier food and more exercise. Through it all I have realized just simply doing something to make me healthier is better than what I was doing before which was nothing.

When I started walking on the treadmill my nutrition counselor told me just to start out walking at a pace where I could still talk and not be badly out of breath. Then increase from there as my endurance increases. To put it in my simple thinking is I just needed to start doing something even if it wasn’t much. This gave me a starting place from which to build on, a foundation from which I could gauge my growth. Without this starting point being something easy for me to achieve I believe I would have become very discouraged and would have quit.

Through all of this I have learned another valuable lesson in life. That is in whatever I want to accomplish I must find an entry point, a place in which I can easily get started and continue to build upon without becoming overwhelmed and giving up. If I come to a point where I become discouraged I simply allow myself to fall back to my starting point and start over again.

Let me give an example of this. I began walking on the treadmill at my beginning pace I found this pave become very easy after a week or two. Once that happened I become excited at what I had accomplished and this drove me to push harder, to increase my pace even more. My fault was I increased the pace too much and became discouraged after a few days because this was much harder than before and I was not seeing any increased results. My weight was not falling any faster and it was hard work for me to keep up the pace. So I decided I would drop back to my original pace even though it had become easy and I would continue there for a while longer.

Over the next few weeks I realized I could increase my pace slightly every week or so and it did not seem too hard for me. Before I realized it my pace had increased significantly and I could not believe I had made so much progress. It was then I learned there was a powerful principle in what I had done. Simply find an entry point into what you want to achieve and “Just Do It”. Keep going at a comfortable pace not pushing so hard you become discouraged or began to think your efforts are not bearing any fruit. Continuing at this pace for a while will strengthen you and encourage you to move to the next level.

I realized that my problem before was I was not doing anything to better my health. I, like everyone else, had tried before and become discouraged and quit. But with my “New Found” method I can apply this to anything I do and be successful.

The bottom line is that this is not a new method or new technique but simply common sense that we can all apply to everything we do and we can achieve our goals and dreams. They will not happen overnight and you will not see amazing results immediately but you will succeed and you will accomplish what you want to. I have lost 44 pounds in about 3 months and have not become discouraged enough to quit. I have become discouraged during this time but when that happens I just drop myself back a notch and continue doing something which is better than doing nothing.




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