Reducing our Dependance on Foreign Oil

14 11 2006

In the day we live in there has been much discussion about reducing our dependance on sources of foreign oil. The topic is very deep and has put our counrty in a very difficult position.

By the US obtaining the majority of our oil from foreign fields we have put our own oil fields on reserve. We don’t want to use them unless our foreign suppliers cannot deliver oil to us.

Our country has become so dependant not only on oil from outside sources but we have become dependant in many other areas as well. My point in this post is that our life in general has become more dependant on certain things and has become less dependant on the Source of all things.

We have become dependant upon health insurance and doctors to provide for every illness. We are becoming more and more dependant upon the government to provide to us all of life necesities. Many people want a government provided health care system. We already have a government provided retirement system called Social Security that is going down the drain.

The more and more we depend upon these things to take care of us and provide for our every need, the less we depend upon God to provide our every need.

Phillipians 4:19 says “God shall supply all your need…”

Have we become so dependant on foreign oil in our life that we have forgotten the one who can supply ALL our needs.

God, help me today to fully trust in you for all my needs. Help me not to become dependant on the things of this world. Help me to walk by faith, serving and trusting in you to supply my needs.




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