The Next Generation

2 05 2006

When God promised Abraham the land of Cannan He said Abrahams 4th generation would come back to possess the land. From that time until the 4th generation came into the land of Cannan Abrahams seed would go through bondage in Egypt, The Red Sea, and The Wilderness. One generation would serve the Lord and another would not.

I was listening to the radio today as I drove home from work and heard a women talking about a study she had done about the youth in our country. It as amazing to hear that the third generation of families who had immigrated to the United States had higher high school drop out rates, higher gang involvement, and higher teen pregnacy rates than others. Families that came to the US searching for a better life for their family wanting to experience the freedoms that we enjoy and wanting to give there children so much more than they had.

But the third generation of those people do not have the vision that the parents had. The third generation lost the vision of their forefathers and has turned away from the dream of a better life.

Saddly today so many Christians have lost the vision that there parents had for them. They are turning away from living their life for God and turning to a life of sin.

But, God is looking for a generation that will stand up and take on the giants in the land. A generation that will answer the call. A Generation that will stand in the gap and reach out to a lost and dying world.


Just a Fishin

2 05 2006

Lately I jave been praying for the Lord to help me to be a better witness and to help me to understand how he can transform someone into a useful servant. Like many people, I have struggled with witnessing. What is the best way to witness, what is really effective? I have asked myself many times. Who, When, Where, How?

At work today I had a thought that occured to me and a scripture to go along with it. When Jesus found the disciples and called them he told them he would make them to be fishers of men. These men were proffessional fisherman and knew the trade well. I think it is very interesting that Jesus used this example when describing what he was going to do with their life.

He didn’t give an hours long presentation on what he would do for them be simply told them he was going to make them fishers of men. Fishing hasn’t changed a whole lot in the course of history so it stands as a very good example for us to learn from.

I have fished before but I am not an avid fisherman. But I know one thing from my fishing experiences is that if you are using a fishing pole and a hook with bait you may be sitting for hours waiting for a bite or nibble. The best time I had fishing was in New Mexico using a lewer and trolling for bass. But still a whole days work brought me 3-4 fish. But these men knew how to bring them in by the boat load. They simply used a net.

Using a pole requires you to entice the fish by offering them something that they are attracted to. This draws them in but it is slow. But with the net and a boat the disciples just threw their nets into the water and hauled in hundreds of fish at one time. No enticing, no bait, no lewers, just forcefully hauled in the fish. They had to get the fish into the net and then get the fish out of their environment (the water) and into the boat. The fish would be of no use if they left them in the water inside the net.

Jesus teach this generation to be fishers of men. At a time when the workd needs it most God is looking for a generation who is willing to learn and become fishers of men.

Mark 1:17

The life of a fish:
The fisherman pulled the fish from their environment to use them as food. Fish do not realize it but their sole purpose for existence is to be used as a source of food in the food chain. They were just swimming around and all of the sudden they were pulled from their environment, cooked, and eaten.

As we swim around in life we most often do not really know what our purpose is in this life. We all ask ourself the great questions of life. Who am I, where did I come from, what is my purpose, and where am I going after this life. Bu oh how I wished God would teach us how to become fishers of men. Then we could use a God given net to bring in the fish by the hundreds and bring people into the place and purpose that God has intended for their life. No not for them to be eaten like fish but for them to be pulled from the depths of sin an brought into his marvelous light.

Fish live in the deep dark merky waters but when they are caught, cleaned, and processed they make an excellent food source and supply a great need to mankind. Jesus, Teach us today to become fishers of men. Teach us how to use a net to bring in the masses. Teach us and equip us in this day and time to be great fishers of men.

John 21:1-14