Living on the Edge

31 03 2006

The last month or so I have seen both pheasants and Ducks near the highway as I drive to work each day. This is kind of unusual since most birds are scared away by the noise of vehicles buzzing by at 70 mph.

I have seen them right on the shoulder of the road as I would pass by. I think everytime I go by that these birds sure are bold. But now I know the truth. They were just living on the edge in search for something to eat. Possibly food has been scarce this winter since it has been so dry and barren. Anyway I know this because now I am seeing them dead on the side of the road after being hit by a car. To put it simple they were Living on the Edge, literally.

Something drove them to the point that caused them to ignore their built in danger sensors and put their life on the line. Most likely it was their hunger that led them to this point.

I have never had to starve or be without food in all my life. I don’t know what it is like to be so hungry that you would risk your life just to eat. But there are people everyday in our world that face this issue.

What brought them to this place? Well, maybe it was poverty, maybe it is the country they live in but whatever the situation it is very real and very tragic.

Now as usual with my thoughts that I post here I like to tie my thoughts to our spiritual life. The life that we as Christians live in obedience to the Word of God.

Spiritually in our world today people are starving. They are not getting enough spiritual food to support their spiritual life. People are starving for something that will satisfy their life, longing for something to fill their heart with happiness and joy. When they cannot find it they begin to take unusual risks in order to try and fill that empty place in their life.

unfortunately some of these people go so far that they end up dyeing after they have strayed to far and ignored the warning signs too long. They become willing to take the most risky chances all in the hopes that they will finally be satisfied and the emptiness inside them will be filled.

Just like the birds I seen we to tend to take chances in this life all in the name of finding that one thing that will finally fill the emptiness and put and end to the hunger that we feel.

Oh God, help me today to really understand that you are the only one who can satisfy the hunger within my heart. Help me to understand that only your Spirit can satisfy the longings of my heart. Help me to not stray from your watchful and protective eye. Let me always trust in you to provide for me. Help me to never let the instinct inside me to override the warning signs that would keep me away from spiritual danger. Oh Lord, I pray that you would fill me with your Love, Strength, and Power that I might always be full and never hunger or thirst again. Amen.