Just Keep Plowing

17 03 2006

I have been going through a time at work where a project has turned into a long term task. It has also challenged me in many areas of my abilities. As I sit here today and come to some more hurdels I am understanding alot about life.

When I started this project I was excited about it and very eager to work on it every day. Now that time has gone on and some issues have become difficult I am not as exceited as I once was. I have come to a place where I want to finish but I know much work still lies ahead for me. When I think of this I can become overwhelmed and want to quit.

When we are fresh and brand new with energy and ready to complete something it is the excitement that keeps us going. It drives us and motivates us to accomplish the task at hand. However when we loose the excitement we loose our drive and our desire to complete the task.

I grew up working on a farm and I remember plowing the fields. When we started out the ground was hard and rough. After the plow dug in and began to work the soil would become softer and easier to work with. I have thought about that and it has given me hope.

As I plow through the fields of life the ground can be hard at first but once I get into the work and begin to plow the ground becomes softer and easier to work with. Not immediatly and only after I have worked hard but the soil does become easier to work with. So life becomes easier as we go through things. But there will always be the new field that needs to be plowed. When we start it is going to be rough and hard at first but after much work we can see the progress we have made.

We can even feel this way in our life when we serve God. We are excited at first but then it becomes work and we want to quit. But if we want to succeed we must keep plowing.




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