Stop and Check Your Progress

28 01 2006

I have to work today but i had a thought come to me while we were installing an anteanna for a wireless network in one of our buildings. The guy helping me was drilling some holes into the concrete to mount the pole to the building. After he drilled the holes he was going to put a special bolt into the hole that would grab a hold to the contrete and allow us to bolt the pole down.

But as he was drilling the hole he would drill for a few minutes and then stop, hold his finger on the spot on the drill bit, then pull the drill bit out. He could then measure to see if the drill bit had gone far enough into the concrete for the bolt to fit all the way in. It was hard to drill into the concrete and went rather slow for each hole. But everytime he would stop and check his progress he was making sure he didn’t go to far.

When we live for God and we begin to work for him sometimes we wonder if we are getting anywhere and it seems that nothing is happening. Then sometimes we just quit and give up. But this encouraged me to try something. When I begin to do something for God, anything, I want to make some kind of mark when I start. Something I can go back to for reference later on to check my progress. If I am gonna accomplish anything for God I gotta start the work, be consistent, stop and check my progress every once in a while, stop and rest when I get tired, and remember part of the reason I an checking my progress is to make sure I don’t go to far with what I am doing.

We can over do something just as much as we can under do it. So I want to keep these things in mind and just stop every once in a while and check my progress.




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