26 01 2006

A few years ago the job I had required me to travel to Austin Tx several times a year. Each trip I had to fly down and stay for the whole week. This was hard for me and my family so I always looked forward to the trip home.

One trip I remember in particular because of the flight home. I was already nervous on this flight because of the weather and when we were landing it was very foggy. Usually you could see the lights of Amarillo long before you landed. This time you could not see anything. As we began to descend and come in for a landing you still could not see anything and just before we landed we cleared the fog and could see the runway and lights. What an amazing landing. I do not know how the pilot performed this blind landing but he did it without flaw.

I was so glad to see the lights of home, the airport, and all the familiar surroundings. But not nearly as glad as I was when I stepped out of the airplane and began to look for my family. I was glad to see everything but when I seen my family I was the happiest person alive at that moment.

Yes on that flight I was looking to see the lights of home. I was looking to see that familiar airport and runway. Yes I was looking to step off of that plane and know my way around the airport. But the most important thing I wanted to see was my wife and kids.

It seems as though my life is merely an extended visit to a place that is not really my home. Just a place where I have to be for a short period of time. One day the time will arrive and it will be time to board the flight home. At my home the gate is made of pearls, the walls of my home are beautiful jasper, and the street leading up to my house is made of pure gold. Oh, it is a beautiful place and I can’t wait to get there. But not to see all these things, there is only one person I want to see and that is Jesus.

So a few more days here but soon the time will come the flight will leave and I will be ready to head home.

There is an old song that says: “All the gold you could put there won’t make it heaven for me… It’s Jesus that I want to see”




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